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We Proudly Present Our Proprietary


Sierra Crossing Images presents a collection of original photos Dye Sublimated onto a white enamel coated Aluminum we call 'Aluminators'.

We use ECO FRIENDLY, water based dyes printed onto transfer paper, then heat treat the product to infuse the dyes into the Brilliant High Gloss Coating on Aluminum.

This allows a superior way to present images of Vibrant Color that are Water Proof and Stain Resistant with a High Gloss Finish Coat.

The Clear Coat is cured via Ultra Violet curing lamps which are ECO Friendly and produce very low Volatile Organic Compounds.

This hard clear coat can be cleaned in the same manner that you would clean glass.

In addition to offering our images, we can print your personal photos on the wide range of 'Aluminators' shapes and sizes.

We also print photos on Canvas for needlework, artwork or crafts.

Our Products can be Customized for Business or Corporation promotion.

We have  served businesses  from Moody's Diner in Waldoboro, Maine to Yosemite National Park, California right here in our back yard. 

All products come with a 'RETURN for FULL REFUND POLICY' if you are not pleased.

Contact us at : 559-855-2140

or email us :

Thank you for spending time with us and we hope we can put A VIEW of NATURE into your life.

Connie and John